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Security Equipment Corporation, maker of Sabre, Sabre Red, and other leading personal safety sprays, has been "making grown men cry" since 1975. Law enforcement agencies worldwide chose SABRE for their officers. Some of the most prestigious departments in the United States depend on SABRE, including the US Customs & Border Protection, New York Police Department, and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. These pepper sprays are legal to posses in all 50 states, and do not require special skill or extensive strength to use.

Red Pepper Spray

Police Pepper Spray

Bear Spray

Stun Guns

Pink Pepper Spray Keychain

Combo Home Pepper Spray and Personal Self Defense Spray - Protection Kit

Keyring Self Defense Spray

GateKeeper Door Alarm by SABRE Red

Home Defense Spray 2.5 oz with Mount

Cyclist Self Defense Spray for Bikes (1.25 oz)

Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners (0.75 oz/aprox. 35 shots)

Combo Keychain Self Defense Spray with Extra Practice Canister and Quick Release

Pepper Spray Training

Self Defense Spray

511 PROPPER Blackhawk bianchi sabre survival gear
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